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For over 10 years, Click Security has been repairing security and communication systems. We have troubleshooted different systems with various degrees of problems. We believe a system has to be fundamentally designed right from the beginning. This will allow it to be trouble free for years to come. With technology exponentially expanding, we will give you the best possible solutions with different options to fit your needs.

CCTV Camera Repairs

We have 10 plus years in servicing CCTV cameras ranging from composite Analog, High Definition Analog, and IP cameras. DVR (Digital Video Recorders) and NVR (Network Video Recorders) are the devices that record the video onto its hard drive. The average recording device can keep a video for approx 10 days or more based on a 2 TB drive, 4 cameras and other program settings.

Reasons why Camera Systems Fail

– Poor wiring terminations with BNC connectors especially outdoors
– Power supply has gone bad
– Poor video picture due to improper installation of Baluns or inferior cameras
– Video is no longer able to be viewed with smart phone. Problem is usually due to port forwarding not set-up properly, dynamic outside IP address has changed and no DDNS service was ever set-up. Programming of the router/firewall is essential to proper operation of the camera system.
– If you have an older type of camera system that is wired using coax cable and you’re wanting a high definition camera system, there is no need to re-wire as the coax is now able to support a hi-def signal using TVI technology that can support up to a 3 mega pixel camera.

Alarm Repairs

We have troubleshooted all different models with various problems. Our service call begins with an inspection of your existing system, wiring, and using a voltmeter to determine the overall health of your system. Here are some of the most common problems of security alarm systems.

Reasons why Alarm Systems Fail

– Motion detectors will sometimes false due to being improperly mounted near a heat source, pet motion detectors installed at the wrong place, buildup of spider webs and insects surrounding the motion detector. The motion also may have gone bad. No connectors for the splices, copper connection is twisted poorly with only wire skins to act as an insulator. The copper connection over time will oxidize resulting in false alarms.

– The contact switch and the wiring on the window is terminated very poorly. No soldering from the switch to the wiring. Switch has come loose. Poor wiring techniques will lead to falsing of the alarm system.

– Batteries not being changed every 3 years may present an overload to the circuit causing the alarm to act erratically. This causes the alarm to sound even if it’s not armed and may eventually result in costly repair

At Click Security we have extensive knowledge in integrating camera systems onto your network and router. This will ensure you won’t have any computer glitches or IP addresses being lost. Our highly trained and experienced security professionals work with a broad range of products

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