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Improve your smart life experience, provide complete systems including audio visual, lighting control, home automa- tion and smart security, etc…



In order to enhance the smart life experience of users, click provides De-house smart home solution.This solution includes 7 smart systems: Smart lighting, smart security, central condition, appliances control, access control, smart curtain and energy management.



Smart Music Control

Using our networking skills, we can stream audio to any room in your smart home so you can enjoy the same high-quality sounds anywhere. We can also integrate audio controls with your smart home automation system so you can control audio distribution .

Home Network

Our network specialists design and install a wireless network that will ensure reliable, secure high-speed Internet access in any part of the house. The network can be customized to support casual Internet browsing, intensive downloads, streaming or gaming, or the requirements of a home office, as well as smart home automation solutions.

Home Theater

Our experts can install and integrate home theatre equipment for a large, dedicated room or any size family room in your smart home. Using smart home technology, we can also integrate your home theatre system with other audio equipment. 

Smart Thermostat

A programmable smart thermostat can lower heating and cooling costs while maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout your home by analyzing your habits over time. By heating or cooling your home only when it is necessary, 

Smart Shades

Smart Shades will make a dramatic impact in your home. By turning your regular shades into automated window shades you can maintain internal temperature or light levels.They are compatible with all smart devices and work with any type of window treatment.

Smart Lighting

Smart control panels automatically bring to life the basic functions of your Smart Home, even remotely. A system of networked devices work together to keep your home comfortable, efficient, customized, and secure. Choose an interface that suits your lifestyle, or control everything with nothing but your voice.

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