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24/7 Rapid Response GRADE A1 Monitoring

Daytime, Night-time, Weekends & Holidays. We’re on duty 24 hours a day.

What happens when an intruder tries to enter a protected area of your home or business? As long as Reed’s alarm system is activated, your uninvited guest is greeted with a deterring 110-decibel siren. The alarm signal is simultaneously sent to our trained professionals, who are dedicated to rapid response. They understand the importance of calling to ensure your safety, and contacting the appropriate key-holders and authorities, if necessary.

Click Security Alarm monitoring is handled by dedicated professionals that have undergone strict and consistent training guidelines to ensure our alarm monitoring is efficient at all times.The same dedication to rapid response intrusion monitoring holds true for fire, medical, flood, temperature, or carbon monoxide emergencies. The one-touch fire, medical and police emergency buttons send an alarm signal to our monitoring center immediately.

Fire Alarm System Monitoring

Fire alarm systems are designed to detect a fire in your building and alert the occupants to evacuate.
Fire sprinkler systems are similar and have the added ability to suppress a fire.
Neither has the ability to alert the Fire Department of a fire at your building – unless you add a fire monitoring system and 24/7 Click Security Monitoring service plan with Fire Alarm, Fire Trouble and Fire Supervisory detection.

Click Security is Victoria Police Certified for both installation and monitoring. Click Security can issue a Monitoring Certificate that can save premium on your home insurance.

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